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Why train with us?
What makes us different?
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Modern training methods

Many schools ignore the advances made in sports science and insist on training like it was 500 years ago. We've taken the best of the old ways and combined them with the best of the new ways to create a thoroughly modern program designed to help you reach your goals with no wasted time.

Although the training includes some fitness work (because the better shape you are in, the better you can apply your skills) the main emphasis is skill development thru partner drills. Why? So you learn, in a controlled fashion, how to apply your techniques against an attacker.

Our program offers self defense training for beginners and advanced alike. The beginner training is split half and half between solo drills and partner drills. The advanced training can be 100% partner work with your partner ranging from completely compliant to actively resisting.

Customized training at advanced levels

We don't force everyone to train the same things or train the same way. Why? Everyone is different. We feel, as teachers we should help YOU identify and develop your strengths. Advanced students in our program have the option to get customized instruction based on their needs.

You determine the intensity

Some people want very controlled contact with their training partner. Some people want a more "no holds barred" approach. As your skill and conditioning increase, we give you the opportunity to increase the level of contact and amount of resistance you encounter.

If you are someone who desires heavy contact, don't worry about only having training partners who want very limited contact. We have more than enough participants to accommodate your unique needs too.