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Why should I train with you?
Why should my children train with you?
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Why should your kids train with us?
What makes our children's programs better?

Experienced instructors who WANT to teach children

In a large percentage of martial arts schools teaching children is delegated to the newest, least experienced instructor. Why? Because teaching children is viewed as a nuisance. Also, many children's programs are watered down versions of what adults do. The problem is, the kind of approach that works for an adult is not guaranteed to be successful for a 10 year old or a 5 year old.

We teach children because we WANT to, not because we are told. We teach programs specifically designed for the unique physical, mental and emotional needs of your children.

We realize children face more threats than adults

A child may face two completely different kinds of attackers - a similar aged bully OR an adult abductor. We recognize what a child can do to protect themselves against a child and what they MUST do to protect themselves from a child molester are two completely different things. Our programs incorporate training to address both self defense needs.

We have non physical self defense options

Self defense is not ALWAYS physical. Often it is displaying a strong, confident attitude. Our children's training gives kids plenty of opportunities to develop the kind of self confidence that says "I am NOT a victim."